Meet Jessica

With strong ties to her family lineage; Jessica follows in the footsteps of many strong, creative women on both her mother and father’s sides of the family.  From fine artists and calligraphers, to seamstresses, master gardeners and party planners; she feels an inherent connection to both the arts and nature through her family tree.

Jessica spent the first portion of her career immersed in the interior design industry where she has designed and managed projects in many facets of the business ranging from custom residential & commercial projects, to the television design sector.  Her enthusiasm for well planned and executed spaces evolved into a strong passion for creating and styling large scale events, through the use of her design background combined with her love for celebrations.

Her fascination with flowers blossomed from an early age; spending time wandering through her grandparents’ gardens who were accomplished growers of flora and giant pumpkins.  Their lasting impression of growing techniques and sustainable practices have influenced Jessica along her floral design career to experiment with growing her own seasonal varieties of flowers while providing her clients with her commitment to locally sourced, sustainably grown products supporting as many local flower farmers as possible.

Jessica is an exclusive floral and event designer who draws inspiration from her fine art and design background. In order to ensure a one of a kind experience, Jessica works closely with a select number of clients each year providing a fully customized wedding process, for the wild at heart.

Creating beautiful events in the Cambridge and Collingwood/Georgian Bay areas, she would love to help you design your next event in Southwestern Ontario; and beyond!

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