Creating a mood or vibe for your wedding day together, paired with your personal style is my favourite recipe for  curating the most thoughtful and timeless wedding day aesthetic,  for both florals and overall  design  goals. I can't wait to learn about what inspires you!

Much like your love story, no two weddings are ever alike.  I place a high value on creating one of a kind design plans for all of my wonderful clients, to hone in on their individuality and style as a couple.  I thrive on developing deep, lasting connections with each of my clients throughout our planning process together and feel so honoured to gain your trust to carry out your dream wedding vision. 

the experience

The magical process

My most important goal of the beginning of our journey together is to ensure that we have design goals that align for your special day, and to connect with one another on the style and overall vision that you wish to emulate.  I believe in cultivating the overall mood and vibe of your wedding, to establish the direction of the colour story and overall  sense of design intent for your wedding day to become an extension of yourselves.

Hey lovers, Let's design the wedding of your dreams together


Once we have reviewed the beautiful details for your wedding day  and have consulted with our special events calendar, it's time to schedule your first design consultation!  This is an opportunity to get to know more about eachother and to discuss all the gorgeous plans that you've envisioned for your day. From here, this will help me  to gather more information and begin the estimating process, custom tailored to your unique wishes!

book your design consultation


Information gathering, developing your  dream wedding design plans from all of your  inspiration palettes and beautiful descriptions, I delve deep into uncovering every dimension of your goals to provide you with a clear, informative and individualized  presentation along with visual representations to convey  your special wishes and aesthetics for your best day ever. 

design process


In most cases, we have been dreaming and designing together anywhere from 12-18  months  (or more!) along your wedding planning journey.  We have discussed perfect shades of taupe, your sweet mom has joined our every meeting and  now it's time to put our plans into place,  to bring to life everything we've been building during this  process together, for the most magical day that we've been planning.

did we just become best friends?

From arbours, candles, glassware, table numbers, custom designed items  to showcase your own personalities and much more


Bringing to life the overall style of your wedding day by curating a complete design direction  based on the entire event space so that your wedding has a cohesive flavour throughout

event design & curation

From bridal party personal flowers, ceremony & reception design, full floral installation and everywhere in between

comprehesive Floral design

Looking to zazz up the front windows of your store? Do you have an incredible space that could use  a hanging installation? Have a grand opening?  Please get in touch to discuss your ideas!

retail installations

We accept a limited number of creative project collaborations per year that align with our design philosophy, style and  schedule. Please send us a message to find out more!

editorial projects

Throughout the seasons, we offer a select number of fun, interactive workshops focused on community and creativity.  We also offer custom design options as well throughout the holidays.  Get in touch to find out more about placing an order or joining a workshop!

holiday florals & workshops

the offerings

We believe that no two weddings are ever the same, much like your love story! We are committed to providing the highest level of attention to detail and creative focus on curating the most personalized wedding design experience that we may offer, based upon our very customized planning process with each and every client. Once we are able to learn all about yourselves and your wedding vision, we will begin the information gathering process and provide you with exact pricing which will reflect all of your wishes that we have discussed together! This process allows us to provide the most accurate pricing framework for you, that is completely unique to your wedding day.

Can you send me a package of pricing to review?

For the 2023 & 2024 booking seasons between May - October, we presently have a minimum investment level for full service floral clients and small decor/design details, beginning from $5,000 before HST. Although it is often difficult to determine your own personal floral budget prior to booking your first consultation, as a guideline, most events that we design which reflect our  creative voice, comprehensive design philosophy & vision and would range between $8,000 - $15,000 on average.  Not sure if your floral dreams will meet the minimum but would still love to work together?  I invite you to inquire through our form on the contact page to find out more!  

is there a minimum investment level for flowers & decor?

We typically have the pleasure of being introduced to our lovely new clients wishing to book with us anywhere from 18 -12 months from their wedding date, but can certainly try our best to accommodate clients contacting us in shorter time frames, where availability allows! We would suggest reaching out to us as soon as possible, as many dates are already reserved and available dates are quickly booking up. That said, we have made wedding magic happen in less than 30 days of meeting some clients and look forward to learning how we may assist you, too!

How far out should I be prepared to begin my floral design and decor discussions to reserve your services?

 Can we schedule a site visit at the venue during our design and planning stage?

We completely sympathize with you that it’s sometimes very challenging to envision how the space will actually look and feel on your wedding day . I would be so happy to accompany you for a venue tour to be able to assist you in painting the overall picture of how our design plans will come together, visually. Please contact me for a quick quote on adding a site visit to our planning process together!


JEssica hobson event artistry is based out of a private design studio located in collingwood, ontario